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Let's Discover Our Best Packages

The PM Narendra Modi’s Wi-Fi is like a big spotlight, covering a substantial area. The range can extend for several meters, ensuring that wherever you are – be it in a market or a quiet street – there's a good chance you'll find a PM-WANI access point nearby.

Customer Plans

Now, let's talk about cost – something we're all concerned about. Many people think this Yojga gives them PM-WANI free wifi. But there is a minimal cost associated. There are diffferent PM-WANI data plans to suit your needs. Check out this table for PM-Wani wifi plan:

Cost Validity Data
₹6 1 Day 1GB
₹9 2 Day 2GB
₹18 3 Day 5GB
₹25 7 Day 20GB
₹49 14 Day 40GB
₹99 30 Day 100GB

These plans provide flexibility, allowing you to choose the one that fits your usage and budget.

Get Franchise

When you subscribe to Startup Franchise Your work area remains your own district The Company will support you how to work in your district.

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